What are you seeking?

A stronger connection with God? Answers about life or your purpose? A community who loves your “crazy” family as much as you do? 

A lot of people are searching. Many have found their faith home (and more) in our church. The church isn’t the building; it’s the people! Our members are pretty rad, and we bet you are, too. We hope you’ll join us! Let’s connect socially!

What is “FPCWilloughy?”

We’re glad you asked! The best way to get to know more about us is to visit!

We have worship every Sunday morning:
9:00 Contemporary
11:00 Traditional

Between those services at 10:00, we have two options: either Sunday school (for ALL ages) or Coffee Hour. You’re welcome to enjoy Christian fellowship in the WPG Room (the hall behind the big, double doors) or join Adult, Young Adult, Youth Group or Children’s Sunday School classes. We recommend connecting with your age group.

FPCWilloughby Fast Facts

Schedule a Tour

Whether you’re church hunting, venue scouting or just curious, we would be happy to show you around! Any of our Deacons (congregation caretakers) can give you an impromptu tour on Sunday Mornings; we’re happy to share the rich history and ministry that occurs here! If you would be interested in a tour during the week, please call our church office during business hours (9-5, M-F) to schedule one: 440-946-0070 ext. 200. We ask you to schedule because we can accommodate almost any time, but we want to be sure someone can joyfully greet you!

Free Stuff?

Every Sunday during Coffee Hour we have a wonderful spread of regular and decaf coffee and light pastries or snacks. Join us for a cup! Jesus fed the disciples, so we serve hot, free coffee! Our parking lot is well-maintained because we want you to get here warm and safe. It’s free to park here! We also don’t want you to have to worry about your car while you’re at church–our lot is private and the building doors are on camera (some friendly neighbors do use our lot on occasion). Every Monday at 4:00 pm we distribute free food. If you’re interested in serving or being served by our hunger ministries, please contact us: 440-946-0070 ext. 200.

Our Recent Class of New Members:

New Members joining our church!

Welcome to our confirmands and new members! In our denomination, people are baptized before they become members ... sometimes on the same day!

Though baptism is required to become a member, all are invited to partake of the bread and juice during the sacrament of Communion. This is the LORD's table, set for all of the LORD's children!

Our Spring 2017 Confirmands, Scott and Drew