How We Serve

Our congregation makes serving a priority because Christ lived a life of service. As a result, we have many different ways to get involved. Hunger ministries, mission work, recovery groups and fundraising are just a few ways we give back.

We encourage you to get involved! In addition, we welcome your coworkers and friends. Serving together is a great way to build meaningful relationships. In addition, a service project is a great place to bring someone who might not respond to going to "church." When we serve, we share God's message without using words.

Serving Lunch at North Church
Pouring Batter at Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser

Service Opportunities

Follow the links to see the opportunities available to serve:

  • Hunger Ministries (Agape Feast, Free Food Distribution, etc.)
  • Mission Work (service days, Angel Tree, etc.)
  • Annual Fundraisers (Pancake Breakfast, Charity Auction, etc.)
  • Stewardship (Annual Fund Drive, planned giving, etc.)

Setting Out Desserts for the Monthly, Free Agape Feast
Angel Tree to Sponsor Gifts for the Less Fortunate

Our Service Partners

We partner with many organizations to help those in need. Please consider supporting these causes as well!